Tailgate | Regenerative Agriculture in a Production Vineyard 2.0

06/12/2024 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT


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Mission Trails Vineyard
8684 Bell Street
Los Alamos, CA 93440


A sequel to our Regenerative Agriculture Tailgate in 2023: Visit a production vineyard with an ongoing, long-term investigation into the adoption of regenerative practices. This Tailgate picks up on the research shared at the 2023 Tailgate hosted at Jackson Family Wines.

Bart Haycfraft of Jackson Family Wines will give an update on their long-term regenerative research project including soil health, cover-cropping, and fruit quality. Plus, he will discuss how to measure “improvement” or progress and what tools can be used. 

Taniell Liepner of Biomemakers will present research to assess the soil microbiome, as well as recent projects to improve soil health.

Jo Ann Baumgartner (Wild Farm Alliance) will join in to discuss how to support beneficial birds in the vineyard by evaluating the food, water, cover, and having a nesting habitat present. She will educate attendees about the natural pest management strategies of putting up nest boxes and using the Beneficial Bird Native Plant Chart to install the native plants that the birds prefer.

Julian Malone from Seasmoke Vineyards will share practical experience improving soil quality through cover cropping and compost tea, how they make their own compost, incorporate livestock into the vineyards, and make and apply their own biodynamic compost preps.


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